Rita Vilaret

Design Director at Wonderwork

Neil came to us as a freelancer a few years back, and we have never stop asking him to come back to Wonderworks. The work he does for us is varied from artworking, both packaging and print materials, visual adaptation into different formats, photography retouching and even full render creation. For example, Neil is an expert on getting a few images from Shutterstock and creating visuals from scratch, especially impressive is you consider that many are drinks/cocktails, and he needs to work with liquids, ice, reflections, and glass.

We not only trust Neil to be technically savvy but his instincts, in terms of what will work best visually or the best way to achieve a goal. He is also very personable and easy to work with, he takes feedback in a very constructive way and if he strongly believes in something we will show it as an option which we find really helpful. Neil is not so much a freelancer, he is a creative partner who we love to work with, and always bring a fresh eyes into projects!

Neil’s role: Freelance, artworker and retoucher @ Wonder works

Lawrence Barnett

Managing Director at Wonderland

Neil is one the safest and most dependable pair of hands in design realisation. This is largely down to his intricate knowledge of every aspect of artwork and production process. His attention to detail is second to none and is always looking at how best to present the design to its greatest effect.

He works as part of the team from day one and I’m always sorry to see him go once the project is complete. But he’ll be back!

Neil’s role: Freelance artworker and retoucher @ Wonderland

Den Cops

Freelance Creative Director at FITCH

Neil worked with me on a Dunhill project at G2 Worldwide. I was very impressed with his photoshop and artwork skills, so much so that I called upon his talent again when at Liquid Marque where he also worked on particularly complicated packaging projects.

Neil is very conscientious and always delivers on the high standard quality I expect.

Neil’s role: Freelance retoucher @ G2 Worldwide and freelance artworker and retouched @ Liquid Marque.

Stu Lewin

Creative Director at BTL Brands

I have known Neil for many years, initially as a colleague at Volcano, then Vividbrand and most recently as a supplier at BTL Brands. He is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable individual who can create artwork, re-touch to a very high standard, manage projects and coordinate IT networks. Neil’s personality and skill set would be an invaluable asset to any creative agency.

Neil’s roles: Full-time production manager, artworker, retoucher, visualiser and all things IT @ Volcano, full-time production manager, artworker, retoucher, visualiser and all things IT @Vividbrand. And freelance, artworker and retouched @ BTL Brands.

Neil Hawkins

Project Manager and Senior Artworker at Illumination (Formally LFH)

I worked with Neil for about 4 years at Illumination (formally LFH) and have known him since as an extremely sociable colleague and a good friend. He is always willing to help and is a very knowledgeable person in more areas than just artwork and retouching. He has the rare quality of great layout skills and is an excellent retoucher, has a good eye for detail and he can work both on his own or as part of a team. I would highly recommend Neil to fit in anywhere he works.

Neil’s role: Full-time project manager, artworker and retoucher @ LFH and freelance artworker, retoucher, visualiser @ LFH & Illumination.

Ben Lewin

Partner at Otherway

Neil has worked on a number of artwork and production jobs for me at Vividbrand. His easy-going attitude combined with his extensive knowledge and technical know-how has made them all a very easy process to deliver for clients.

Neil’s role: Full-time production manager, artworker, retoucher, visualiser and all things IT @ Vividbrand.

Kevin Sui

Controller of China Hour UK

Great designer and artworker! Highly recommended!

Neil is very experienced, in particular packaging design. On top of his knowledge and skills he works with branding and marketing agencies which makes it much easier for a client like me to find the one stop shop and also makes the whole design process from brand to packaging much more smooth.

Neil has a deep technical understanding of the whole production/print process. He sees the end product from his drawing board and offers production advices you may not get from many other designers who may only focus on the results on their computer screens.

It’s been a pleasure to work with him and we look forward to working with him again.

Neil’s role: Freelance designer and artworker.

Paul King

Retail Design Consultant at Relish Design

I have had the pleasure to work with Neil in both full-time capacities at Vividbrand and as a freelancer at Relish Design. On every occasion, Neil has brought his various skills, talent and enthusiasm to each project.

A really top guy, I look forward to working with him again.

Neil’s roles: Full time production manager, artworker, retoucher, visualiser and all things IT @ Vividbrand and freelance artworker and retouched @ Relish.

Adrian Collins

Executive Chairman of Ziggurat and Founder Director at Handsome Limited

Neil joined the team at the beginning of the year and quickly established himself as the ‘go to’ tech guy in the building. He’s immensely capable, professional and enthusiastic. He’s a self-starter and made a great difference to us. We’ll be having Neil back, no question.

Thanks for all your help this last 9 months.

Neil’s role: Freelance production director, artworker and retoucher @ Ziggurat

Lucy McKay

Account Director at R Design

Neil worked as a Senior Creative Artworker at R Design for 15 months and was an extremely valuable asset to the company. During this time, he worked on a wide variety of projects, ranging from small boutique brands to very large FMCG ranges and brand guidelines.

Neil is a highly skilled artworker / retoucher and has an impressive knowledge and understanding of production and print. This combined with his creative eye and ability to implement design made him an excellent addition to the team. He works effectively with both the design and account management teams to deliver high-quality work, often to demanding deadlines and has an excellent eye for detail and consistency.

Neil also has a vast knowledge of Software and IT and managed a complete review of our internal system and server structure. Neil is a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone.

Neil’s role: Freelance production manager, artworker, retoucher, visualiser and all things IT @ R-Design.

Andy Scott

Managing Partner at Vividbrand LLP

Neil is a very professional senior creative artworker, visualiser and retoucher. His role as Head of Production at Vividbrand included working on several very complex intranet sites which allowed a global client and their sales forces around the world to bring insight to life to deliver growth in-store. Additionally, to this, his role included budgets and liaising with our major brands internationally.

As well as the above, Neil has an in-depth knowledge of IT systems and support. His experience and skills, along with his personality, made him a key member of the company and his willingness to help others at every level meant he was respected by all. He has an unflappable personality with high ethical standards. As a consequence, I would recommend Neil for any senior production roles either on a permanent or freelance basis.

Neil’s role: Full-time production manager, artworker, retoucher, visualiser and all things IT @ Vividbrand.

Lily Diestenfeld

Freelance Business Development and Marketing Consultant for Design Associated Companies

I am a New Business Developer and have relied on Neil for many years to produce my clients’ creative communications, credentials and pitch/project-winning presentations. Thereafter Neil works with design teams and directly with (global) clients: interacting with them to provide a top-quality service that ensures client retention and repeats business. He is creatively pro-active, diligent and quick to understand and produce projects’ needs. I recommend him to any company seeking a refreshing, professional approach for the production of their artwork and related disciplines – particularly if they want to win – and keep – new clients.

Neil’s role: Full-time production manager, artworker, retoucher, visualiser and all things IT @ Vividbrand

Charlotte Christie

Agent and project manager

Neil is a great all-rounder (from IT advice to artwork, from retouching to team issues) and I highly recommend him. One piece of advice, if you ply him with Pepsi Max, he’ll work even harder.

Neil’s role: Full-time production manager, artworker, retoucher, visualiser and all things IT @ Vividbrand.